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unfortunately we have a world of 3 per cent of the population enjoying internet, food on the table and general ability to know that there'll be a next meal.

its easy to solve the idea of violence when its possible to go to a shrink to talk out our frustrations.

what about the rest of the planet, starving, scraping by, succumbing to illness, filth, overcrowding. tell them to smile and understand the one who would take the scrap of bread from one mouth to feed another?

full stomachs can not understand hungry ones...and hungry ones can not be reasoned with.

violence is part of human history. it isn't solved by those who sit on the outside.
Gandhi knew full well what it took to overcome human nature to lash out...
and he paid the price again and again until he paid the ultimate price ...

Are we all rich westerners on this board?
Do we all smile with the glow of health and finely tuned rationality?
Have we produced quantity? or quality? have we changed our inner understanding or do we speak with the overview taken from western attitudes.

walk a mile in the shoes of the other, and then try talking.