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GOD IS GAY (3 poems)

Posted to Action Poetry


Earth shall not calm in itself
Until the sun's burst and forgone!
Life is just a big, big fault
That you shall regret.

You, who don't sin, will never live.
Regret is more important than the shame.
Kill god and his cold empty breath
- Smack of death lies in!


The world is tired.
Day's not enough to fill the hours.
I'm not able to live.
The weather is shit and
It upsets my soul.
But how can ya be dead
And still feel the beat?

I'm too tired.
The world dies lonesome.
The tiredness makes us forgone.
I could drown before the world.


In the drownin' of the day
Every belief just seems to be
Forlorn in the wideness of a dawn.
And a feelin' comes to me
(Softly moanin'
It fulfills my soul)
I wanna live love, I say.
I wanna live love.

And one step to you
(You in your evenin' gown)
Is one step further away from god
One step closer to the sin
That spins out its white, unstained linen
That bloodstained will drown
In the hot sweat of night.

I wanna live love, I say.
I wanna live love.
And closer as the evenin' sun
Your breast is lyin' beneath my feet.