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when a person says "God spoke to me and He said that YOU should do this or that..." is where the problem of gullibility, egotism, or insane comes in.

All of us have the ability to communicate with our higher Self, but if the time comes when that Higher Self tells you to "change your friends, family, or neighbors because 'God" told me to do it" is when the problem of gullibiliy, etc. enters into the picture.

God would never give the responsibility of "Godding" to a mere human. Those that say they were given that message for all to follow, are not to be trusted. Witness the cult mesiahs that have led their believers into death, or the crazed man that slit the throat of a young boy, because God told him to do it...or the mother that drowned her children because "God told her to do it"...

This is the territory that borders on "fucking nutz!" If ever you hear a voice commanding you to do something against truth, honesty, goodness, I promise you, Jamelah, that it aint god.