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is this it?

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is this all there is?

life goes by on bicylces and motor-powered Hot Wheels and feet in blood-money shoes and animals for coats and people for money with thought of yesterday or two years from now. Walking supermarkets with a phone in one hand and puppet on the other, people drone on in conversations of inanities and blah blah blahs.

is all there is?

is this it? this mundane life of passer bys and ignorance that surrounds? packs of smokes for more money than a sandwich and kids fucking and deing before they turn 13 as the country divides on ignorance of party?

is this it?

look around this world we have created and live in to see these things, this "life". while children dream rainbow-bright dreams of ice cream and puppy dogs, we sit back and not give a fuck as the world goes to shit.

is this all?

we blink our eyes