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Clean cut muscled kids with brains, read poetic madmen

Posted to Action Poetry

Clasped hands of orgastic beauty
challenged immensity
failed propensity
clasped hands of elastci rhythmic fantastic
Smashed prophylactic
lost pendantic mothers scrummage
in the scrimmage
hoping for god
orsome relation being
cremation seeing,of fellow mothers
former lovers
longdead brothers
raised up like fish on a chalice
sopping with wet malice
from the cold dark ocean
terrible expulsion
from all motion
dead commotion
hypothetical emotion
rattling dead summation of skeleton lawyers
searching in dark foyers
of old courtrooms
where all fights come to be ended
battered and commended, for their pasion
in time with fashion
and cream like souls
where fish catch colds
in longtime dreaming
not much waiting scream I schemeing
chasing my wronged irreverant being
to hell and back
to heil the black
as he screams bloody murder without guns
while all men run combined in fear
In fear and loathing
without clothing at the naked ugly forms
of dreams
of clean cut muscled kids with brains
dashed out on wet rocks from the growing ocean
lost and floating
In the scrummaged scrimmage
Of long dead mothers, lovers, brothers, fools
smoked slamon sandwiches
Served at lawyer lunches
while I act on hunches chasing myself
to the neverending end
of life, in impossible arms
that wait open and loving
in the early light of day