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When the mirror drops ...

Posted to Action Poetry

I killed a rose bush
slothing in the backyard
beneath the pines,

tender and romantically
dying already.

I read the instructions:

Water Rose Bush for 10 minutes,
leave be for 2 hours.
Dig carefully down to get all roots.

I watered her for 10 minutes
under the pine,
the garden hose swelling up
like a snake,

or human organ,
green flesh pulsing.

I let her sit
and prettily pout
her slender waxy fingers
across her slick tendons
and pencil thin bones.
Her head no longer rests
upon her shoulders. Without the sun
to kiss her pretty shoulders,
her head felt pressed
to fall away,
and did.
Landing on the ground parted
to seep there in the mud,
like tea leaves,
romantic but yielding
no answers.

I dug deep
beneath the pines,
the needles falling
to land in my hair,
on her shoulders.
We pressed firmly
into the backdrop
and disappeared.
I dug deeper,
her roots grew deeper.
There was no end to mud
and worms, I pulled them
both endlessly from her bed.
She leaned farther in
and spoke. I think she said,
“hey, aren’t you listening?”

I wasnÂ’t listening,
I started to pull.
We both were tense,
and breaking. My back
arching across her length
seemed to tether
all and the sky
to my skin and --.
I felt like dropping
down beside her
to rest in half death
for a while,

but I couldnÂ’t.
I wouldnÂ’t let her win,
I pounded my feet twice
against the head of her bed,
and jumped

her arms ripped
tendons tore,
bones charged ahead
and cracked hard against the soil.

The aphids spilled out
from each armpit,
every crevice.
Her roots camped
hearty in the ground;
Her body lay lifeless
against the Pines feet,

pressed down
and solemnly bowing
her defeat.

Tied to the earth
from her hip,
and the small of her back
where her branches now dipped:
cellared. Always
she had been the dame,
royal and presiding
under the pine,
courting death,
and outnumbered
by life, growth,
the time of the year.

I killed her,
yet I must admit,
that my conscious breaks clear
as glass might
when the mirror drops.