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Good questions.

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It is not new or news, agree. But some people seem not to know it or understand it.

But then it seems they do and think bin Laden and fundamentalist Muslims are the good guys and we are terrorists (I wonder if the Taliban allowed a lit kick -- ha ha).

Your comments about it are very perceptive and I share your questions and insights. This especially, "It seems our way of life does not currently permit a long-term
solution to the problem".

I think, to get back to what started this topic, that realizing that Israel shares our values and system, and is like us as much as any other nation. And like Sharon or hate him, with Sharon, Baruk, Netanyahu or whomever elected, what Israel is facing now is what we may very well soon be facing.

Suicide bombers at our concerts and coffee shops, poetry readings.

The hard part to face is that there are times when force is necessary to meet agression that will kill you.

How to avoid it is a good question, but it cannot be avoided for convenience or for a vague hope. Chamberlain showed that to the world.

We really are in a no win situation. Who wants a war like this. If we wait until we are hit again and again, we will have more 911s. With we act pre-emptively, we can stop it but then open ourselves up to attacks from the likes of sid.

I think we must support and ally together with all people who believe and are committed to freedom to defeat the regimes committed to the opposite.