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when MY mirrors drop...- thanks onemangray

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when MY mirrors drop... -thanks onemangrey
That last verse of yours made me reconsider sthg I wrote few days ago. Thank u for being an inspiration in writing this final version and modelling a new shape:

Get yourself Get ready for
for the mornings
infront of the mirror:
a second afterwards I see
running fast through the house
for a glass of milk...

Now the spring has come
so we've put everything
on the balcony
for the friends who stop by
for the dinners with them-
10, 12 of them-
for the rounds of vine
in the evening time chill
with a nice view:
and the stars
we see clearly-
20, 30 of them...

and for the morning chills,
for the white mornings
when I'm breathlessly drinking out
my glass of milk as if it's
the last one:
a second afterwards I see
considering simply the growth and the death
being just one me here
on the balcony

getting ready for the mirrors...