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First I'd like to thank you for bringing this document to the board. A very serious and prejudicial document of hatred and ignorance that I'm sure many, many peoples believe in wholeheartedly. Both disturbing and sad to see how one (or a few) mans interpretations of a Holy Book defies rationality and understanding of what has been written. I think the best way to combat this hatred, should it become more magnified, is to act in the same accordance as was stated here, i.e., "...then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every strategem of war..." for it is clear that the way to fight fire is with fire.

Secondly, tho, these passages benefitting "Allah" are simply visions of power mad, ignorant people, that have never experienced anything godly in their own lives. Grand misunderstandings of doctrines that have been manipulated to their own desire for power. "...nothing is more sacred than belief..." are the words of a fool. And a fool that feels he has God on his side is the most dangerous of people, for in their minds they have taken spiritual words and made them into images to enhance their own weak status amongst their peoples, their own tribes...

What are peace loving peoples to do when faced with this polar opposite of Peace? Just the idea that ones peace is being challenged should be enough to realize that "you aint got no peace no more." Do we arm ourselves for battle? Do we take down anything that resembles a probable attack? Do we resort to an armed state of Paranoia? Whatever defense posture we take should ensure our Peace, if at all possible... but will it?

A return to the Jihad Document... How many people fully believe this shit? Are there any numbers available? Will the capture of Osama put the Jihad on hold? Are all non-muslim governments at risk by these fundamentalists?

So many questions, and so few answers at this time. One thing is for sure - this document was written and disseminated thruout the Arab world. How many ignorant people will take it as an article of the Muslim faith and try to respond thru negative actions of 'Non-Believers'?

I know that you are like the rest of us when it comes to any answers on this situation, but people should learn from this that any 'belief system' is an anathema to mankinds greatest gift, the Soul - that which is the great light that shines in each and everyone of us, that dispels all darkness and raises our consciousness to that of saints.

Nature will take this on its due course if we listen to her message. Many will die, many will be wounded, many will fight for their survival...and in the end, Truth will prevail.