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It's sung as a kinda blues. Just keep it flowin':


I'm buried in the highlands now
And I don't remember how
I have come here to stay.
I'm in search for some new drugs.
I can't remember what it was
That has brought me here -
Must have been some foolish girl.

She wore a dress of gold.
She carried such a heavy load.
Oh Lord, she did me harm!
She's my heroin angel sun.
She offered me her golden arm.
'You can take me if you want!'
She said to me in a kind of song.

I'm sure she's got the devil inside
And sure he takes her for a ride -
She has always been a whore.
And then she threw her dress away -
Oh, she was perfect in some way.
For sixteen nights, Lord, she was mine
And we've been drunk most of the time.

You broke my heart at first
And I did the same reverse.
And we're both not satisfied.
And now she's shagged by another man.
I lost my baby to the wind.
And if she wears her dress tonight
I hope it keeps her warm and tight.

Oh my baby's gone.
Oh Lord, she won't come home!
My home is where the air is cold.
And so I think I'm buried now.
I'm buried in the highlands now.
And if you see an eagle cry
Remember me! Goodbye.