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well, let's see

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my body belongs to the fashion industry.
they've told us we have to be a certain weight,
have a certain look, wear certain clothes in order
to attract a desirable mate. we're bombarded with images
of what's supposed to be sexy, and we no longer act
authenticly, but more like a Gap ad.

the media bombards me with stereotypical images;
drive this car, drink our beer and you'll have beautiful
women flock to you. instead of rational political discussion, we are spoon-fed soundbytes and force-fed a
diet of sports, sex and violence, which, though the media
refuses to publish any reports that verifies this, alters
our behavioue patterns as individuals, and as a society.
so the media, if it doesn't control my thinking, certainly
programs it, which is virtually the same thing. it's like
we're all taking "soma". we're "in the loop" to quote
Huxley, and we're loving it. television is most definately
a form of mind control. as for censorship, how often are
"leftist" (hate that word) views heard in mainstream media?
never. anyone with an unconventional opinion is marginalized, kept to the peripheral of the public eye.
but hey, that's just one man's opinion.
bright bliss!