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Does anyone know or care

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that Palestine is the country being attacked?
that Israel (with American weapons and money)
is intent on exterminating the Palestinians?
that, being forgotten by the rest of the world,
Palestine can only fight back with what little
weapons they have, their bodies?

it's a terrible, sad vicious circle: the Israelis
build more farms on Palestine soil, a Palestinian bomber
kills Israeli civilians, Sharon's tanks go into the refugee
camps killing people who have been forced from their homes
thanks to the Israeli occupation.

if the Palestinians ceased all agression, that won't do
anything. throughout 1981 and 1982, Lebanon adhered to
the ceasefire, whereas throughout that entire time Israel
was provoking the PLO into a response so they could justify
to the world the attack they had started planning in July
1981. when no pretext could be found, they concocted one
and invaded in June 1982- the Lebanese War. and all the
so-called peace initiatives from Camp David to the Oslo
Agreement to what's been recently put on the table,
basically they ignore Palestine's right to exist as a
soveriegn state. as far as everyone's concerned, the
Palestinians don't exist. basically, the Jews view
Palestinians the same way as the Nazis viewed the Jews.
however, by stating what is in reality a fact, I will
probably be called an anti-semite and nazi (by those
propagandists who lack the intellect to refute said claims)
anyway, if you made it thru this tirade, I thank you and
hope we all can put our heads together and find some way
of ending this impasse.
bright bliss!