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do you really know or care

Posted to Poetry and Politics

to investigate some facts before
you throw your opinions on the table

state what you have to say
but prove what you're saying
there is no Palestine
we're hoping to create one

second, those you're referring to as Palestinians live where they can since Jordan and Egypt kicked them out
or shot those who disagreed

third, Israelis do not hate palestinians.

Arabs have always hated them. Check out the facts

do you really care to spread lies? what does it get you?
Where is that bliss you toss in at the end of your post?

what's your trip?
do you want to propagate hatred?

i don't get your position.

is there nothing else you can do to clean your self confessed brainwashed mind in your gap clothes? must it be out and out abuse of a situation?

and why do you assume you'd be called a Nazi or whatever?

what's going on here?