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roadside magician

Posted to Action Poetry

Once this man came to where i worked
right out of the road, with jazzsoul smiles
and singsong words of continental timeless unity spanning miles and time and differences with the blink of a kind sad eye, writing to barqs and reading illusions, this guy was the cassidy to my jack, he said it was the other way around, but i didnt have the sunglasses to look at that soul, and all the years since haven't produced such a soul and set it so perfectly in my path to talk to with crazed under the front seat schnapps, and billowing brainsmoke drunken rambles and jazznights in the clef, and mourning the sunset challanging the world like two titans finding themselves in the world where titans are but ants to golemns, shouting to the trees and woods, the proclaimations of a generation reborn in silence through megaphone reverberation, i gave him this black hat, i wore, and he never took it off, somewhere this soul still brightens lives, and dissapears, digging everything, knowing what it means to appreciate, and love, and blow, blow blow... jazzlife, for that Chrisjazz, for Jazzchris, wherever the train is now, jump..