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I don't know about basing oneself on facts in order to have a balanced position...I agree with you, Israel is stubbornly accused of being the oppressor when in reality, the situation is far too complex to be elucidated...actually unknownpoet's position is precisely based on these facts of blind violence we're fed with on a daily basis...he's only repeating what we hear everywhere...what I mean is that facts have no meaning when it comes to evident propaganda, which is exactly the case, not only on Israel's part, but also on the part of the majoritarian anti-Israelian position...what are facts when it comes to complete irrationality on both can prove what you want with facts, it's all about which ones you choose, which ones you put aside...the only facts are the too many casualties...anyway, I'm not trying to defend unknownpoet's position, which I personally find simplistic...all I'm doing is questioning the possibility of knowing what is really happening in such situations...even the main actors have lost control, so who can see with open eyes in the middle of so much turmoil...hope you won't be offended and you won't misunderstand what I'm saying...Peace to you and your beautiful country...I had the chance to go there and enjoy its beauty...hopefully, I'll do it again soon...Ed