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crazy in the th' night

Posted to Action Poetry

oh, here he comes again, waving, waving magic wands
of madness & travelogue beauty
across the slippery skin of
mother america with music it's
always the music
from the car radio
rising from the engine
like killer steam
bleeding out of
rolled-down windows
like freegreen smoke
wave at the truckers!
wave at the beautiful girls!
wave at the motel signs!
wave at the gas stations!
wave at the cactus!
wave at the shifting sand!
wave at the hitchhikers!
wave at the free radicals!
wave at a roughneck feeling!
wave at neal at the wheel!
wave at the whole passing goneish singing world
you got a fan in virginia
you got a fan in that
magnificent rotating
kibbutz in the sky
you got a fan in the
rolling hills of ohio
where all stars lead west
& the falling trees sing glory songs
& the city melts lonely & honking & there is no today like today
riding out of here in this blessing
of particular POOF!

peace man peace