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'The New Beat Poets'-a call to all writers with literary balls!

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Who will start the next great literary movement?

My name is Kiley Jon Clark. I write a book review called ‘Readers of Antiquity.’ The column appears in magazines, e-zines, newspapers, and this very site. I have also written a book of short stories and a book of poetry that have never been published. I’ll bet you have a few manuscripts lying around also.
Anyway, I have an idea that’s not fully crystallize yet. What would you say to getting a group of writers together and calling ourselves ‘The New Beat Poets?’ We could publish some of our own stuff as well as a book that defines what ‘New Beat Poets’ are. We could even wear hats like William Burroughs if we like. This all may sound silly to some…but a few good writers, with enough courage, could pull it off.
We could actually call press conferences, go to poetry slams, or just work any old bar or coffee house. We could have a web site, an e-zine, mail outs, and then find a publisher that believes in us enough to publish everything we have ever written. All the books could say, ‘The latest work from the ‘New Beat Poets, the underground best sellers.’
This group will be open to any writer or poet that jumps on board. Come on, Boys and GirlsÂ…LetÂ’s start the next literary movement. We all know that the great art movements like Cubism, surrealism, beat, stream-of-consciousness, expressionism and all the rest have started with a single idea and a few friends. It will, of course, also take discipline, hard work, commitment and damn good writing.
I say we start the ‘New Beat Poet’ movement. It’s open to all writers who are tired of the big industry bullshit. Let’s make the poetry circuit promoting our books and the movement. Anyone who reads from this site should be able to write better than 99.9 percent of the crap they have at those ‘poetry slams.’ We could do all our separate stuff but come together on the web and at readings to promote the movement. We could send letters to bookstores to set up readings and ‘Literary Parties.’
Look…together we could really do this…unless you’re perfectly happy with your life and/or writing career. As for me, I’m ready to get involved in something bigger than ‘me.’ Where are all the Jack Kerouacs, Allen Ginsbergs, and even Neal Cassadys of today? If just two other writers say they want to try this thing out…I’ll devote all my time to getting it off the ground. We could really start something new, something great. Maybe we could get some books published, do some interviews, be invited to some colleges campuses, and have some real fun in life.
I’m asking you to sit back and think about how easy it would be for a few writers to combine their energy and talent to make this happen. The public will love anything unique and exciting. If they don’t, we still have tried our best. That’s more than most people do in their humdrum, depressing lives. I say screw literary agents and bullshit publishing houses. Let’s be the next group of writers that ‘Shake the World.’ We could do some really crazy, fun stuff that would make the news or at least make a press release. Maybe we can buy Ken Kesey’s bus or think of something that’s never been done before. Please…this life is flying by…and I want to be a writer like a mystic wants to touch the face of God…but I can’t do it alone…not something this Big.
Think about finally getting your voice heard and your books published. If thereÂ’s anyone out there with enough balls and a hunger for a life worth livingÂ…e-mail me at and respond to this message on this wonderful site.