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let me say to KJC that i share the spirit of yer idea. first tho, no literary movement was ever planned in advance. the beats, symbolists, lost generation, black mountain poets were all rubber-stamped after they generated the critical mass among themselves without thinking or knowing they were doing so, at least initially. and i agree with my esteemed colleague violet9ish that to proclaim a group "new beats" would appear too contrived & simply call out an unattainable measuring stick to be used against any such group. Plus the nuyorican group in da' big apple were already proclaimed the new beats after they were on the vanguard of slams. But i submit this to you: a group that is generating critical mass has already appeared. this is it. It began when Levi opened up LitKicks to submitted poetry & a core group of poets has been contributing steadily with a few regular interlopers & occasional mad horn blowers (that's you jazzmichael) dropping in for a solo whenever they can detour off of life's highway. The group even has a built-in name: The LitKicks Poets and that sounds damn good to me. What we lack is a Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Larry almost singlehandedly gave credibility & national voice to the Beats by publishing their work at City Lights and playing angel's advocate. KJC, if you want to be the benefactor that takes the ball & runs with it, generates the web site, creates the mystique, does the pr, plans a few poetry readings in high-profile scenarios (slams are out -- too passe) then by all means i'm on board. The only thing you have to remember is that this is an international group linked by technology ranging in age from 16 to, oh hell, way up there, and the chance of many of us convening in a single location live & in person is probably pretty slim. Plus, we are almost all under alias here. We'd have to make a mass decision to open ourselves up to the world. In any case, that's my two cents. basically, I just want to write poems, make madpassionate love, meditate in mantramania, travel around a bit, cop the occasional buzz and be left alone. but you know where to find me if you need me.

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