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a new sal and marylou kinda thing.. eh.. :)

Posted to Action Poetry

the greatest thing in my life is something ive never had, and yet i can miss it so much
and i can go on missing it for four more months at least.. watch it go out and go out and sooner or later it will be gone
but soon itll be within arms reach hopefully
like taking quick, fun trips to the crowded beach i miss those, too
sometimes like you i get the feeling what i miss is too much to handle, or soon itll get outta control
then i wont have to deal w/ an empty feeling inside my soul catching at my shirt when i try to have feelings for another
wait, nothings holding me back, go out, have fun, while you are still young the voice says
my conscience confuses itself all the time and i cant seem to get it outta my mind..
i might go overboard, become too hung up over something like i have a habit of doing
and my hearts like a lost child in a huge city going to where her mother might be found
touching you would be greater than anything i could feel in my small town where i dont get to see or experience anything too great
and my dreams come like escapes from the shitty, little cities in which dark, long ghettoes and lost souls are found.. i long for being in a place thats safe and sound, and i think itd be in your mind
if only i could read it, feel something of yours, even just a shirt or the back of your hand or see your fingers roll across a piano or add the notes to a sample to take the whole piece to a new, sweeter sound..
catch you making a beer run or having some mudslides, id ask for you and we'd go on a joyride, like sal and marylou and get kicks sitting back in the car while our friend would drive the long mile across town to get safely in our own new paradise.. if only we'd not have to wait, itd be so fucking great, if only now it could happen.. and no wait, id just die seeing you now, and fall asleep talking to you, and try so hard to not do too much somehow..