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neither will make this night pass by any quicker

Posted to Action Poetry

id almost buy some lights
id almost start a fight w/ someone i dont know just to get something started
just to have some kinda release
id almost get this feeling across the whole world
and not sacrifice my heart for anyone and only think of myself all the time
and id almost have a drink but one drink alone isnt nice,
just makes the night go slower than a turning old fashioned wheel
at least almost everyone here drinks the same, acts the same, goes against what i believe so i can argue, but wait, i dont like that either... well, nevermind
at least i hate to smoke so i wont buy those lights and i hate to fight, and i hate to argue
unless i have a really damn good fine point
and i have lots of things to read, but i dont want to sit and read, id like a drink, id like a cigarette tho its not really worth it,
neither will make this night pass by any quicker