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Old Bull is Valid

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Yes. I understand what you mean. Your rage and fury. I am sick of this shit too. I havent gone through all these poems and what, i dont want to. Regardless, poetry has lost its popularity in our capatalistic-consumer fake plast tree typical lives. Individuals who write about pretty flowers and lost loves - angers me. This is why nobody want to go to poetry readings anymore. The 'Vagina Monologues'! What is happening to our country. We want equality treatment, then we have feminists who comdemn men the penis. Everything has been forgotten. Read a fucking book. No, i'm not telling you to run off to chapters in your Camry and pick up the latest King or Grisham. Walk a mile or two. Stop by at your local used book stored. Pick up a copy of The Possessed, flip through some Kerouach, read some fucking Johnson.

...the revolution is about to begin
OPEN YOUR EYES're still asleep