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a plea for reason

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a plea for reason

Doctor, i live in a prison
a prison with no chance of escape
iÂ’ve served my time
iÂ’ve spent the rhyme
i even worked for the railway, once

Doctor, i lost my brother to the world outside my prison
i drink beer & tequila to numb my fever
i smoke tea and mediate underneath the sun
i piss on telephone booths out of boredomÂ…
The cops have no way of chasing me down

Doctor, cure me of my illness
my dad left a while ago
my mother preaches the word of God
i cant even remember the LordÂ’s prayer

Doctor, they wont let me dance in here
my arms are tied behind my back
they tease me because i have long hair
iÂ’m bound to escape to one day
Even if it is my last

Doctor, i cant look you in the eye
you donÂ’t want to know where iÂ’ve been
iÂ’m scared of the darkness
i cant cry anymore

Doctor, my dog is sick
i cant even afford his medical bills
iÂ’m afraid heÂ’s gonna die
So am I

Doctor, iÂ’ve fallen ill of mind
Tell me your lie