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horse shit

Posted to Action Poetry

you all make me sick
you people are the biggest bunch of losers
all any of you do is put a bunch of horse shit on the computer and wait around to get positive responses from it
you all make up these little characters to hide behind because you are all afraid of being yourselves half the shit anyone says on this page is a lie the other half is worthless
i am the only one ever in the history of this sight who as ever put anything worth reading on it
everything else is just a pile of shit
i am a genius and i think this sight should be dedicated to me not the fucking beat generation
how is 4 people a generation kerouac ginsberg
they were both full of shit playing the ommm game what the fuck is that
thats why kerouac drank his self to death he knew his whole existance was a fraud
and burroughs dont get me started on burroughs that little rich boy wanna be gangster dickin little boys up against the walls of public restrooms what a sick disease to society everyting that any of them ever wrote was a bunch of trash and anything any of you ever wrote ws a bunch of trash too

and thats all i got to say
so fuck you