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HER BEAUTY -- be honest, please

Posted to Action Poetry

In awe of her beauty,
Gracious splendor.
Her eyes, hazel and clear,
Glorious and honest,
Straightforward, not averting
Their absolute attentiveness.
Her lips, little and wondrous,
Pursed smilingly,
Asking to be kissed.
Her hands, so adorable,
Wanting to be held,
If only they knew,
But they donÂ’t know.
They donÂ’t know they want this.
They laugh and turn away,
A silly joke, she thought,
Not serious, never real.
I am in awe of her beauty,
Her gracious splendor,
But she doesnÂ’t even see me,
No more than some unworthy.
She doesnÂ’t even see me.
SheÂ’s so beautiful,
Yet I was blind.
SheÂ’s so beautiful,
But I am a fool,
I thought she could think I was beautiful, too.