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AN OLD MAN, AN OLD WOMAN --- please be mean

Posted to Action Poetry

An old man,
An old woman,
Holding hands
As nothingÂ’s changed.
Still in love.
The feelings the same.
Walking down the very sidewalk
They had years before.
The autumn leaves rustling—
Blowing through the wind.
Little steps,
Walking slowly in unison,
Not a word being said,
But both knowing
What the other is thinking.
They know what to appreciate.
They know it well.
Each other.
Their mutual love.

An old man,
An old woman
Gazing deep
In to each otherÂ’s eyes,
Seeing the thought within.
The hardly pushes
Through the thick clouds,
A mere glimmer left—
Focusing on them.
The fire setting
On the day
And their lives.
Many years have passed,
Slipping on into infinity.
Remembering back
When they were young:
Their first kiss.
Their wedding day.
Their childrenÂ’s births.
And moving away.

An old man,
And old woman,
Still in love
As much as ever.
Still wanting nothing
But the graceful touch
Of the other.
Still in love.
Still true.
Holding hands and
Saying, “I love you.”
They have grown old—
The knees hurt,
The back aches,
But still in love.
Still there.
Feelings unfading,
Caring remaining.
Still in love
As much as ever.

An old woman,
Head bowed,
A tear running
Down her face.
Seeing him there.
Sleeping forever.
Her crying.
Grasping his hand.
“I still love you,”
She says.
He doesnÂ’t answer,
But he knows.
“We’ll always be together,”
She says.
He knows.
Love as much as ever.
Even now.
He knows,
He still loves her, too.