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free embrace

Posted to Action Poetry

1. love yer self.
2. if you hate yerself, love yerself fer hatin' yerself.
3. ego must die to be reborn
4. if you need to kill yer ego, you can do it in a poem just by writin' why you hate yerself
5. love the poem you wrote about why you hate yerself.
6. you have 4 emotional pathways you can follow, negative active, negative passive, positive passive, positive active. right now you are mired in negative active. goal is to move to positive active.
7. there is nothing cool about negative active.
8. there is everything cool about positive active.
9. to move to positive active you must focus on mental physical spiritual social cross-cultural environmental & greater causal dimensionas of human experience.
10. It's the new now. And now it's the new now. & again it's the new now. It's always the new now. Every second. Pick a place to start. The universe is infinite.

Open up to white light, we're all pulling 4 you.