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America the Beautiful...response to Danny Allyn..please critique

Posted to Action Poetry

At night, while the young man smokes,
he takes a long drag and jokes
about the life,here, that he leads
his mother, his brother, expectations he heeds
and takes no time for him
takes no time to follow his whim
nor does he know who to believe
and when the shit is deep, when to leave--
the poor boy looks around this night
and wonders why the fuss and fight,
but, as he flicks ash and his jacket zip tight,
he knows there is nothing to do, to say
other than to look for the next day.

He snubs out the butt and blows,
and he wonders where is life goes
knowing, and believing that life,
here in this land, is not worth this strife.
He thinks about the past
and the taunts he has cast,
knowing all the while that it doesn't matter.