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me wonders:

do we actually love people. can a person love another. or is it the situation that we are so obsessed with. the situation that makes us feel a particular way. the situation that we are in love with. i mean is it your wife, your lover - or is it the cafe smoke filled, the evening rum soaked - the stars bright - the night dark - the need existant- the moment perfect - the moment constant.

people are basic- they are a particular way - they never change. - so how do you fall 'out' of love with a person? its when the 'constant moment' i mused about sometime back changes character do we feel 'out' of love. its the situation that has changed - the situation that is now unfamiliar - even strange.

every emotive act is borne out of selfish desire - to be emotive - because when we emote - we feel good. i am not trying to underplay carmaraderie, love, - i believe in them too much- i am just trying to make sense of the thing entire.

apologies - i ramble

if the time and the proclivity coincide - do react

good lovin