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to merge in illumination, ringing harmonium

Posted to Action Poetry

at 5 oÂ’clock in the morning the darkness
is as thick as strongblackcoffee
sitting in silence three lit candles
two eyes closed/third -i- wide open
surfing vibrations from unknown dimensions
no point in sleeping sheÂ’s not there
& this vibration warps into conciousness
each night without her is blank empty
mistaken space unused vanished lost
wonÂ’t come again missed left standing
the (0) cypher of reverse nothing
i want to grasp each breathing moment
to merge in illumination, ringing harmonium
figurine cherish of full embellishment
she & i are islands in a common ocean
& in each otherÂ’s arms the bridge
between the two never sways not
even when wind blows strange, in colors

(sal is also