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The fucking ladies. Where will they take us?

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Dizzy just barely touched on a very good point when she responded to Unknownpoet on the flamable board. I will pose the question:

Where are the ladies in our governments? Unfortunately, I don't know much about the role of women in the governments of the other countries of the world, other than the fact that they occupy 14.6% of the positions (worldwide).

Well,I will state this opinion that is sure to come under fire. I think the future of the English speaking countries is going to depend heavily on the participation of women. Men are easily pressured into "Good 'ol boy" way of doing things. Big Money slaps Joe Politician on the shoulder and says, "Well son, here is how we do it here in the political arena." It seems to me that a woman would be less likely to succumb to such influence, simply because they think in a different manner due to their socialization as children. I think the real positive changes in world politics is definitely going to come from the women of the world. Cheers.