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School Daze pt 1 (Already posted?)

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I don't know if I already posted this or not awhile back, sorry if I did.

In the morning
When parades of gentle kids
Speed on their way to school
And the warmth starts to set in
After the silence has broken
And before the day wakes up
I shower, slip into my shoes
And fill a plastic cup
Sweat cooling on my forehead
From the day before

I drink to the day, and to what lies ahead
I drink to last night, when I dreamt:

I dreamt of sweet victories
Poor, innocent could you have known?
Living under my eyelids, can you even see?

I throw my books in my bag
And allow the day to begin

I walk with my head pointed down
Behind a girl with a nice ass
And after nodding my way through the halls
I arrive at what I hope is my class

I sit down, and what a surprise
Today's lesson begins a new unit
Today's lesson wipes the sleep from my eyes

Born into categories
Devided and deranged
Overpopulated with
Geniuses and idiots

Lost in a loser
Found in a frat house
Overdose in the
Obituary, 20 years later