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Step into the vacuum and stare into those crystal eyes
Find out who you are and what you want and what you'll be
Everything they reflect ain't no surprise
You've been caught in the web of your own lies
If you had a hand-size mirror, what would you see

You great writer, thinker, wonderer, composer
Assemble all the famous stanzas and use as your own
All the techniques, sure not accident prone
Your furs and fancy fabrics can't keep you warm
They've been stripped away to the winter frost
Just follow the scolding sun when you're compass lost

If I had a dime for all the invisable men
It'd be a serious crime
When the time comes to write your self book
Those who can finish, they're the crooks
The madam says to you, "please take your pick"
To the left and right, a clown is performing tricks
And you ask, "so whats the deal?"

Lazing around and looking cute like a seal
The eskimo hunter comes around and clubs you down
And your carcass lays there on the permafrost ground
You ask, "where's the meal?"
The polar bear answers, "Right here in this mound."