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Voices drizzled in the rain

Posted to Action Poetry

Nice well dressed
well to do
Masturbating lounge rats/lizards
Voices drizzled in the rain
seeking something
On mounds of nothing
clouds fucking
Nouns cutting
Words well spoken by nice well dressed
dressed to impress well to do
Masturbating lounge rats
Hip cool cats with no meaning
Voices clapped with thunder
sounds of something
In skies bluebird falcon
Rock daddy malcom
In the peace of earth I sit
eyes bloodshot with near tears
With near meaningless chatter
like tears for bovine bodies
Rotting in the feilds
While scavenger humans eat dilute
and cry meaningless nothing tears for their half digested meal
I scream scrambling in need of drugs
and ear pugs
and a cause
so long sweet chariot
so long