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A time arrives when I admire myself
It is then, that my true depravity will reveal itself
The necessity to remain silent engenders the urge of speech
Forcing me to suppress the actions within minds reach
I exist as we all do, of a contrast between black and white
The species thrives on enjoyments such as dancing in the moonlight

Seemingly, this formidible foe exposed remains in its bodily essense
Yet no foe can be formidible nor foe with such supreme excellence
Failure, futility: the verbs that arise from thoughts of revolt
We all bow down, in greater awe than divine power, truly, an occult
The extent has no universal contraint
The next move, one knows not to a faint
Retire, relent, release, remember, relish, reinstate the lovely assualt

No hope, no chance, nothing
Positive cancels out negative