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song in yellow, please critique...

Posted to Action Poetry


Tonight I envision you bathed in yellow
your young back against the bright truth light of the old low moon
the sick weary moon that decays in yellow
but still pervades its honesty and wisdom straight dart through us
I see you wrapped in silken yellow sunlight in the morning
dancing and free and showered in tender yellow petals of the rarest mountain flower
cascading over your beautiful precious shoulders
and tumbling down in mythical perfect spirals down between your fullsome bare breasts
I push my sweet sticky yellow mouth against your neck
forcing tiny honey yellow kisses into your nubile flesh
youÂ’re all coy and flinching
shying away with yellow bashful eyelids
I caress you downwards with sweeping barely touching strokes
exhaling my breath over you with its scent of yellow
further towards the depths of your glorious yellow canyons
slide my yellow quivering fingers between your lemon yellow thighs
and gently part them with yellow courage
further towards the glistening awaiting gates of your holy yellow temple
and slowly my urgent yellow summer kisses follow the trace of my hands down
my joyous yellow honey now gushing between my teeth
and running over your golden sunlit yellow skin
down and plunging for my quaking eager yellow lips
to intermingle their liquid yellow with that between your legs
I am fully yellow
and you are lost in yellow
and our yellow honeys rush together
and create the most intense magnificent thick gluey lustful shade of yellow
and the sun coats us in its late afternoon yellow
and we can lay down now in soft yellow sleep
and remain entwined in our delicious weeping dreams of naturally intimate yellowÂ…