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reality was just a cheap thrill.. response wanted

Posted to Action Poetry

i met him in a new place.
i could feel his presence.
my heart began to race.
i knew a mile away his face.
his walk was one of a model's grace.
his way of leaving was one of disgrace.
leaving with cowardice, words i cant conceive
harsh words unwanted but i still receive
not believing the answers i hear
couldnt have been much worse
couldnt have had any remorse
couldnt have felt much less
couldnt have dealt with it you confess
couldnt have handled it any longer
supposedly your deep depression would have grown stronger
sad, long crying sessions filled with longing
however, here you felt no sense of belonging as you did there
she greets me like shes going to take you away and letting her do so i will
what was real for me, for you was just a cheap thrill