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the view from this topaz cliff

Posted to Action Poetry

from a sheer precipice I am watching you
the view from this topaz cliff
is spectacular, clear & motionless
i wish I could snap quick fingers
& have you appear at my side
but IÂ’ve seen that harsh place
where you now stand
IÂ’ve been there myself
days of miserable longing helpless
feelings of anger & remorse
carbuncles of pain attached to weak limbs
nagging numbness inactivity
the plague of no progress
hours days months of nonmovement
absence of human affairs of the heart
iÂ’d do you no favors by taking you away
for the road to this topaz cliff
is paved with jagged edges
& you must bind ugly wounds
before you can get here from there
but IÂ’ve left you a trail of blood rags
& a single file of polished stones
to lead you to the place I am sitting
half-way to the mountaintop
if you find me I have a fire waiting for you
& the language at nightfall will be perfect & sweet

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