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waking only to a child.. response would be nice

Posted to Action Poetry

waking, not wanting to be disturbed
in heavy sleep, the kind hard to get when you work the entire day,
then come home perturbed over shit
nothing exciting or worthwhile to live for, life u say the hell with it
probably rising only to a voice of a child
but one could possibly be love one day
in a few years, the child wont be something to hide
from lies to truth
one day you might look back at her writings and chide
for now, you cant resist and love her youth,
you sometimes still act like she
you've known sometimes what its like to be free
dreams only come of how it could be
she's the one you'd truly like to know
see her react to the touch of your hand
watch her body glow from the heat shedding from below
tears of joy roll down face like stepping off into letting ice tease her
watching it from her body flow
one inside her in a completely new world
shes smiled like shes not been that content in years
coming to cast away your fears with only a long kiss
and even though its just a few days, she cant resist
prevent herself from doing more to you
knowing full well you need more than a kiss or a hug
ecstasy without a rough aftermath
hours of pleasure without any feelings of pain or wrath
no, not towards her, she'll stand by you until you shes wishes like hell she could do more nowdont want her

be able to cheer you up somehow
sometime when you are down and feel the fear of waking up
when once more, tasting lifes struggle, youve had enough
now its hardly anything, but damn, should be long beat poetry talks or long curvy drives over mountain tops with sun pouring almost like rain but not exactly the same
its okay, you wont be forgotten, not like shame that goes with cheating
no nothing like that, never
its okay, if you ever dont want to talk, she wont turn or stop like hitting the last wall while takign a long walk through heaven
that walk might stop, but a hard hit to her wont come because she just wants you to be happy
and thats all