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Peculiar feminine dilemna (diane di p anais n betty friedan i know u know)

Posted to Action Poetry

There comes a time
to flaunt
knowing humour

A time to emerge from timorous fear
of innocent signals gone dreadfully misread
the superb state of joyflashing when finding beauty
or sexlights
totem pole high mother earth wise

Wonderful decloaking!

feet on the ground
that complimenting
is non umbilical

Look at you!
You radiate health today
You honour the human race
I must paint you
Now . . . donÂ’t say a word

(Not the fossilized barter system
lip sync-ed thanks – begetting
death---please donÂ’t!)

Perhaps. . . (could it be?)

Glorious age!
no longer the babe
no longer the leg
that men kill for
no longer the tramp
if a smile is given
glorious freedom

How long must I wait
to let things fly
not erection causing
if I bend over

i wanna double entendre life
i wanna eye it up and down
i wanna lick up every luscious move
and i wannit now