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I'd prefer you alll to read this one if you please

Posted to Action Poetry

To serve in servitude
'Is to lose'
said the horse
with the irreverance of a drunken soldier
mountains whose heads peak above the clouds
with the smiles of mischevious boys
we all sing dance and laugh
and lark about harmlessly breaking everything
Old women sit at home alone
mind distracted by the abstract TV
Swishing mind messages to minds who want to forget
forget lonliness forget emotion worry about the weather
Had no time to sit and realise that all this was nothing
Mind smashed messages cracking bridges
as we all sit at home very much alone
Is that where sadness/happiness breeds
feeds itself on the thoughts of minds
minds too overblown concocting stories from television memories
often watched often ignored
the clean whore of modern life
switch it off it won't cry
switch it on it's glad to meet you
I've watched movies in the mad rain
where mad visions stalk me naked
I laugh and think of lonlieness
I cry and think of lonliness
As much as it feels I fear
As much as it speaks I listen
My last friends utopian fission
my lonely television