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I meant is that facts are senseless and useless at THIS point of the conflict, which goes much beyond the living conditions of Palestinians(by the way, I saw them with my own eyes)...there's already been much debate around these facts and it (almost) never led anywhere, I remember 2 years ago...I was in Jerusalem during the Camp David discussions, people were full of hope and the result was thesame as we're talking about blind fanaticism on both sides, what I mean is that the conflict has entered the realm of the irrational and here, historical "facts" lose their value...nothing can justify the attitude of so-called martyrs or the public lynchery you've probably seen as well as I did...conversely, no martyr can justify the vicious mass-destruction and extermination program followed by Israel...I'm not saying you cannot know anything, I just say that very often, people (including me) talk without the sufficient knowledge to have a more or less objective approach...and yes, I believe many things...Ed