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Reflection of Dejections

Posted to Action Poetry

And as I walked to the window to
stare out
The sparkle in space made me think
of the beauty in her eyes
And I stood very still by window
her face devoured me inside
and I yelled very loud
The beginning of her demise engendered
my eternal cries
But I love her still 'cause she
paid for all my bills
Who could have guess it would turn out
this big of a mess
Did I wink or did she sink?
It matters not now or the wherefore
or how
Was it the kiss that I missed
or was it her smell or her bell
Here I'll always sit, In my specially
made jail
Waiting for that name to return to me
Inside me I feel...Alone and unreal
And the risks that I took are
written all in this book
Will regret pass me by
All used up and denied
'Cause I want it to stay with me
Was it yr kiss that I missed
Or the snake that will hiss
And always be by my side
My defenses are down
Come inside, there's a clown
Take it all away from me
How could I live today
If all you can say
Is that you're gone for good
You can take all I have
All my pens and my hoods
'Cause I dont need them anyway
Will you vow to go...
far away from me
Leaving me all by my lonesome self
Hell, I've got my brain
And I'll remember yr name
And thats all that I need to love
Being alone is a sin
But there's no wastebasket bin
to throw my sorrow into
Just will you please go away
I shall continue to stay
And be happy with what I've got.