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Inhaling a stroll in the cold summer
I look into the eyes of a runner
He had never lost his form
Even while his son was born
Just enjoying a stroll
Overtake a man in a wheelchair
Doesn't look like he brushes his hair
When he was young, momma fed him lead
Now he's got paint (or shit) in his head
Just enjoying a stroll
See a girl on the ice performing a twirl
She's always been daddy's little girl
He named her after the daughter of Bethlehem
Never thought her legs would be always be open
Just enjoying a stroll
The cold wind blows into my nose and eyes
My friends are trying to find new highs
They won't ever realize
Even as one by one, each of them dies
Just enjoying a stroll
A lovely couple passes by my face
Their perfume leaves behind a trace
They don't know each other's names
But they now have no shame
Just enjoying a stroll
Little does everyone know
I'm really a troll
I live in a black hole
Just enjoying a stroll
I don't know where I'm going
But I find myself at the beginning
Just enjoying a stroll