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Posted to Action Poetry

Get on it
And ride.
DonÂ’t stop now.
Let the wind blow
Through your locks,
Gazing ahead.
DonÂ’t stop now.
DonÂ’t turn back.
ItÂ’s too late for that.
YouÂ’ve already lost it.
Grab the handlebars,
Hear my engine pump,
Pistons jumping.
Get on it
And ride.
DonÂ’t stop.
Feel it.
Feel the friction.
Look up and see the sky.
Look up and see me.
YouÂ’ve already lost it.
DonÂ’t wince.
DonÂ’t cry.
Just smile,
And let it go

The motorcycle runs endlessly
And your life flashes
In the passing trees.

You yell and grasp the sheets,
Sweat dripping,
As the headboard smacks
Against the hotel room wall.