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EVERY TIME --- response greatly desired

Posted to Action Poetry

Every time the phone rings
I hope itÂ’s you.
It never is anymore.
They talk about crimes of passion—
So enraged you kill someone
And nothing else matters.
I feel this way.
Every time I hear your voice,
I want it to be mine.
I havenÂ’t stopped crying for weeks
And I was so mad at you
For making me this way.
I thought IÂ’d feel better
If I made you feel the same.
I was so wrong.
I still love you, dear.
I still do.
I still want to be with you
And hold your hand
And love you.
Every time I take a breath
Without you,
I wish it would be my last.
I thought about jumping
From my third story window,
Then decided against it.
Maybe I should have done it—
Just to punish myself
For what IÂ’ve done.
Every time I look in the mirror,
I wish IÂ’d die.
Every time I look at you,
I wish I hadnÂ’t said what I said,
But I did.
Every time I bleed,
I hope it doesnÂ’t stop.
I still love you,
And I still want you,
But I canÂ’t.
Every time the phone rings,
I hope itÂ’s you,
But it never is anymore.