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you cant slit your arm and watch pain roll away

Posted to Action Poetry

two pieces of perfection walk in from the cool outdoors,
asking for truth, but one ignores
decides to deceive
they want real answers
how strong is your faith, what do you believe
shes says shes catholic, attends church every sunday
thats funny, shes buddhist
one must leave, laughing at her stupidity
to lie almost in front of god
and to say the two are really tight
thats stretching things a bit too far
why say that after committing sin, throwing fits, and binging
how can she say that w/out cringing from pouring out her guts almost
shes done enough wrong without even taking a second look
she thinks, hey i read that book, i can live by it, but wait.. i really dont ..
and yet u can still feel in heaven you will truly belong
without having any conscience about a thing
u feel no pity or sympathy towards anyone but yourself
two wks ago you almost took a knife to your arm
how can u sit w/ these two angels and
with your lies you expect to charm
not seeing that heaven wont just come
you cant slit your arm and watch pain roll away
you cant just sit every night, pray, and watch your insides come out like the tears from your face everyday