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more than a friend.. critique? yeah why not

Posted to Action Poetry

i awake u from a deep sleep
one that seemed like itd been years since ud been awake
and id just called a second too late, missing out on hearing a voice trail off saying, "i need to to go to bed, gnite"
but its all right, u still sounded cute with almost a drunken slur
ive missed u so much i dont know why
just from not hearing your voice for long makes me want u more
makes me want to hold u longer, make my feelings for u grow stronger
and here i am alone still at almost one
i should be in my bed like you and be dreaming of you
i cant seem to ever have you in my dreams, but always think of you during the day
invite you over to stay a while, start anew, write, sing, and play music with you
now, people would see the punk, magenta and blue
think we're full of angry, but thats not true
more like mellow, but full of energy
for reasons we cant comprehend
now its just words, thoughts through here we send
im somewhat saddened sometimes because i feel i cant do much more or be much more than a friend
id like to think i am, but the separation isnt very easy to bend