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PLANTION DOGS (please critque, comment, complain, construct, destruct, disect, delve, dive, etc.)

Posted to Action Poetry

I spy a suburban sunday
People sitting on their lawns
Admiring themselves, their standings
Lazily sipping their drinks
Like plantation dogs sweltering in the sun

I spy a mundane monday
People wiping sleep from their eyes
Walking a rainy gray march to work
Getting buzzed off of coffee
Like plantation dogs coughing in the cold morning

I spy a trembling tuesday
People quaking with anxiety
Waiting for success or death
Drinking their dignity in shots
Like plantation dogs sweating rabid rage

I spy a whispered wedsnesday
People calmed by daily tradgedies
Hiding their victories in their faults
Chasing their defeats with a glass of sweat
Like plantation dogs barking at the blowing wind

I spy a thirsty thursday
People lusting after themselves
Paying for reputations with credit
Greedly gulping their own decay
Like plantation dogs licking themselves