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why conform, things'll be the same..

Posted to Action Poetry

magenta has much more flare,
rather you hate me, than like me
dont give me a look of despair
i know im not a good ass dresser
i dont have a normal color hair
at least i have a style thats unique
show me why im a freak and ill laugh
id rather be someone u'd hate than like
reminds me when being punk was still cool
in some parts it seem to be,
the hip flasks, beer, and music are still free
free in some places where kids come out to show those yuppies what being hip's all about
not in those v-neck pieces from 83,
not like those parents of you and me
staring at those kids like theyre scum on earth
but hey, ive dressed like that, worn my hair like that
been told hey, lawyers brat, why do u wear shit like that, u have enough dough for nice threads
why the hell should i not have dreads, theyre cute
why do i have to give em up so i can become one-up from those punks?
i dont think itll mean any change
ill still think, act and feel just like they do