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returning the final piece of yer legendary soul

Posted to Action Poetry

we met on the night of the thundergods
watching storms blow in from the west
holding you on a hotel balcony
as lightning criss-crossed the sky like knife slashes
& thunder bellowed in skycanyons, in hideous cannon rumbles
you were afraid & i was oh so willing to protect you
but that's the way love starts
in unpredictable upflows & furious heartquakes
we meshed together like machinegears never apart
always an arm's length away fleeing the tatters of idiotic lives
welded together to escape the trashfears astride us
do you remember the night we sat crosslegged on the floor,
palms touching, staring each other down
searching for the past life connection?
do you remember throwing roses in the ocean
and watching the tide carry them back
like a present from neptune?
do you remember nights of mad lovemaking
each different from the other
sweaty bodies entangled in love,
gratuitous & heated
like huge logs flaming on a cast iron hearth?
i read you strange lovepoems
as we soaked in bubbling water
i licked soap off yer nipples
& screamed like a lion
as you mouthed me in and out
back then life was allfeeling, magic momentmaking
& the rest of the world be damned

when you finally left me for the seeds of yer future
i howled songs of pain in east side bars
soaring drunk beastchants meant to rattle yer bones
& rip the fabric of my denial
once i owned yer soul & i vowed to always keep a piece,
so you'd never find a way to be whole
& i kept that piece in my back pocket
to spit on in hours of malice

i never told you i was sorry & it's time to clear stale air
of misplaced memories & brainfouled recollections
of that former life i am returning the final piece
of yer legendary soul i have no use for it any more
because in pain there is the promise of wild joyglow
& in hate there is the chance to boomerang back to justpurelove
& in sorrow there is nothing but the rake of forgiveness
once i stood on mountain cliffs and cursed yer wretched name
once i ripped open other souls to glut my vengeance
once i spurned all offers of soulpeace to feed a fragile ego
but tonight i am here in miraculous silence
broadcasting signals of eternal bliss to yer open mind
i am leaving an offering of white light at yer feet that
glows brighter over time & gets hotter as it goes
i am here squeezing poemstorms
out of that same sky where we were born
you are there inhaling sea/mist on a deep pacific shore
& we've put it all behind us can look back without fear
can both finally close the door on the harrowing heights
of a long sparking souljourney home

you know who you are
& this act is fer you

(sal is also